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I'm an engineer from Sugar Land, Texas with a passion for creating interesting things revolving around Software Development, Embedded/Electrical Engineering, Algorithmic Design, Industrial Design, Media Creation, and much more!

Relevant Work and Experience

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Robotics Engineering

An aggressive, multidisciplinary four-year program that fulfilled a comprehensive education in EE, CS, and ME with a focus on how they intertwine to form a unified robotic solution.

iRobot Corporation - Electrical Engineering Internship with the SUGV Robotics Group

Designed and implemented an automated electrical apparatus for stress testing motor driver assemblies used in the iRobot SUGV platform in addition to debugging FPGA firmware and hardware fault investigation/rework.

QinetiQ North America - Electrical Engineering / System Integration Internship with the TALON Robotics Group

Implimented, documented, and released a SCPI-protocol controlled dual-channel power supply system for use in TALON robot production procedures alongside numerous instances of technical documentation authoring, feature research, and testing for TALON and TALON subsystems.

1st Prize Winner of the Hackster.io / SeeedStudio Global IoT Contest - Open Source Haptic Experimentation Platform for Beaglebone

Conceptualized, designed, and fabricated an open source development board for the exploration of haptic neuroprosthetics compatible with the BeagleBone brand of single-board computers. Alongside the board itself, a full set of documentation and support libraries were created to facilitate quick system development.

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Featured Projects

COORD Cards - Perlin and Simplex

on April 2, 2019

When procedurally generating beautiful business cards, sometimes more noise is a good thing! - Part 2 of the Coord Card algorithmic art series.

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COORD Cards - Poisson Sampling

on March 20, 2019

Can image sampling be beautiful when there’s no image to sample? - Part 1 of the Coord Card algorithmic art series.

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